About Us



Tatoosh has gained a reputation in the local music scene of being a player’s band. The group consists of four very talented musicians and boasts a song list spanning Country rock, Southern rock, Blues and Classic rock. Tatoosh has strong vocalists all performing lead and harmony assignments. With two guitars, bass and drums they are the real deal. Their goal is to play music people remember and love to hear. The word on the street is this is the band to follow. Tatoosh considers every customer a part of their music family and goes out of their way to make them feel comfortable and at home. Tatoosh is committed to weekly rehearsals and dedicated to playing it right. If you’re looking for a band committed to playing great music, Tatoosh is your Band.




Donny Anderson is a highly accomplished guitar player and vocalist. Donny has been performing in the local music scene for decades. He has played in legendary local bands such as The Uptown Country Boys, Missouri Freeze, Borderline and Led Stetson, just to name a few.

Donny's personal favorites include Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Duane Allman, and Jackson Browne.


Dave Nichols is recognized as one of the top guitar players in the area.  He is able to handle a wide variety of musical styles.  Dave has been playing in bands for many years and has backed up a number of national acts including Chuck Berry and Carey Bell.  Since arriving in the Seattle/Tacoma area Dave has played in several local groups and is frequently called to sit in to round out a lineup.  


Gary Montgomery is widely known as a rock solid bass player. Gary has been active in the local music scene for years and has played in many of the top bands around. When it comes to vocals, Gary is considered one the best by his peers in the industry.